THIS IS A PHOTO OF VANNES - we have some lovely restaurants and great independant boutiques. Stumbled across one last week that sold handmade mens shoes. The leather colours were amazing. Traditional style but in fabulous colours. 

My big news is that I have added a slim necktie to my beloved bow tie boutique! I know, it is a shock! But I made one for my husband and he just loved it. He picked out some favorite fabrics and I am happily creating them to his exacting requirements. I have added four of these slim ties to my shop. I hope my customers will like them. I'd be really happy to get your feedback. 

Personally, I am feeling really motivated since being given Qizenday, a wonderful new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. I feel really marvellous! So thank you to the wonderful doctors and MedDay here in France. 

I truely love my etsy shop. I have a nice workroom in my home. After my first year and growing success, I invested as much as I could afford in a top of the range Pfaff sewing machine. My golly, after 5 years of sewing every day, it has never even broken a needle. It is the Rolls of the sewing machine world. I hope that shows in the quality of my work. 

Tomorrow, I shall be making a lovely full bow tie in a pure slilk black crepe de chine. I bought the silk a long time ago from Stunzi Silks, just off Oxford Street in London. What a wonderful shop that was. They supplied lots of London's top fashion houses. Their shop was an alladins cave of fabric treasure.