Discover Louise's French bow tie boutique!

Welcome to Bagzetoile. Shop for bow tie enthusiasts. Here's a little about how my bow tie business came about...

My husband has always worn a bow tie. It became rather a trade mark for him. He's an interior designer and he worked for a rather trendy design practice. One day he asked me if I could make a bow tie for him. I looked at his bow tie collection. I really liked one in particular. It was made by Mary Quant and used to belong to his dad! Gosh, there were various styles and sizes in his collection. I figured out how they were constructed and cut myself a paper template. I had some nice natural linen and thought how nice that would go with his linen suit. I made this first bow tie for Roy and he loved it!

I had just started a shop on Etsy selling bags. I had broken my leg and using crutches it was impossible to carry anything. So I made a cross body bag. A friend suggested I sell them, so I put my bags on ETSY. Having made this bow tie for my husband, I decided I'd put one bow tie on my little shop and to my delight I got lots and lots of activity! Gosh, people seem to really like the bow tie! So bag making took a back seat and my lovely bow tie shop was born.

I just love the whole process of having my shop. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, so I enjoy trying to take interesting photos. I take great pride in the quality of my bow ties. If the customer is paying me for a product then it must be the very best that I can create.

I love the contact I have with the customers. I love the fact that my bow ties are going all over the world! I have a huge map on my workroom wall and I can see exactly where in the world they will be going. Very often they will be worn at someones wedding, graduation for example. Isn't that wonderful that they chose to wear one of my bow ties on their really special day.

I love our life here in France. It is a beautiful country and I really like the French people. I have sent bow ties up to Etsy in Paris and have been included in Etsy Press Days. Etsy is growing in popularity here in Europe. Here's to a happy, growing future for all things hand made!

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